Start Looking Younger with the Oxygen Facial.

The Oxygen Facial is a professional treatment which uses Image Skin Care technology.  As we age, the oxygen levels in our facial tissue naturally decline, decreasing blood circulation and causing our skin to look dull. By applying oxygen directly to your face, you can bring back that radiance, freshness, clarity and the firmness of your youth. Oxygen not only softens fine lines and wrinkles, but also kills bacteria, giving the skin a clearer looking complexion. Your Skin will be smoother, and makeup easier to apply.
  • plumps and hydrates the skin
  • restores radiance
  • softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • clarifies skin and un-clogs pores
  • encourages skin cells to turn over much faster
This facial is ideal for all most skin types, including combination skin, rosacea, and teenage skin.

Monday - Sunday 6 am - 8 pm
Spa services start:  8 am

For Reservations Call: 1-855-393-7227


Give yourself the ultimate treat of total relaxation. Our professionally trained therapists use a variety of techniques to soothe sore muscles and relieve tension.

A full 25 minutes to focus on relieving sore, tight muscles in the neck, back and shoulders with therapeutic techniques.

Mother Earth
Every expectant mother-to-be deserves special attention. Let our highly trained massage therapists relieve the tension and discomfort caused by changes to the body during this time.

This popular full-body massage relaxes and soothes tired, aching muscles. Long strokes with gentle pressure improve circulation while putting mind, body and soul back into balance.

Fifth Element Massage
A treatment created by you. Allow our technicians to blend an oil or lotion in a scent of your choice.

Fire & Ice
Sore, tired muscles are revitalized by this signature hot stone therapy massage. Our therapists create a unique experience by combining heated and cooled rocks with modern massage techniques. This massage is great for anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Let us keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy. Allow our highly-trained skin care professionals to give you a facial experience that will leave you feeling renewed, vibrant and ready to face the day.

This treatment provides the essentials needed to give your skin a healthy glow. Includes a cleansing and exfoliation followed by a mini-massage and moisture application. This mini-facial does not include extractions.

Unsure which facial is best for you? Each Dermalogica facial is customized to your skin’s precise needs. In-depth analysis and classic European techniques ensure a radiant and smooth complexion while transporting you to a state
of serenity.

Help reverse the signs of aging with a facial that focuses on visible wrinkle repair. This treatment rehydrates and plumps fine lines to reveal youthful, more vibrant looking skin.

Fire & Ice
Take a journey through the elements! Warm and Cool Derm-a-Globes are used to bring new life to tired, lackluster skin, leaving you with a more toned appearance. 

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Obagi signature
Revitalize your skin with clinically proven, high quality products. After a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, our skilled technicians improve your skin’s appearance with proper extractions and an infusion of anti-aging ingredients. We then wrap up the facial with a moisture and SPF application, leaving you with a healthier complexion.

Blue Radiance Peel
Transform your skin with this non-invasive treatment guaranteed to improve tone and texture. Using a gentle alpha-hydroxy peel, our aestheticians exfoliate the skin, leaving behind a youthful glow. With little to no downtime, this is the perfect facial to address a range of skin care concerns, from photo damage to fine lines.

Obagi Vitamin C Treatment
Experience the ultimate skin care treatment that encourages collagen production while reducing hyperpigmentation and inflammation. Using microcurrent technology by NuFace, we infuse a unique vitamin C serum into the skin for maximum antioxidant therapy and a tighter, more lifted appearance.


Bath and Body

Rediscover smooth baby-soft skin while inducing a deep state of relaxation. We combine high-quality natural ingredients, ancient healing techniques and an expert's touch to restore both body and mind. Leave feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Fifth Element Scrub
Our made-to-order signature scrub offers the perfect prelude to any massage. Select either a sugar or salt base. Next, add aromatic essential oils to create your ideal skin-conditioning recipe. Relax and enjoy as our therapists massage your custom-created synergy into your body to slough away tired, lifeless skin.

Honey & Lavender
For those with more sensitive skin, a conditioning blend of honey and lavender will gently polish and smooth your skin while stimulating cellular renewal. Scented application leaves your body moisturized following the scrub.

Citrus Grass Glow 
Beyond heavenly, this delightfully sweet scrub will seduce your senses. Fragrant sugar is gently massaged into the skin to renew dull, lifeless skin. Next, the sugar melts as you cleanse in the steam shower. The finishing touch is an application of hydrating body cream, transforming the skin into a smooth, satin-like state.


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This cactus treatment is a warm and cozy delight that uses our organic cactus wrap to tone and sweet agave nectar to massage your cares away. Your skin will be left nourished with a healthy, vibrant glow.

Moor Mud Cocoon Wrap
Cocoon your body in the warmth of our Moor Mud Cocoon Wrap. Stimulate circulation and draw out impurities with thousands of plant extracts and trace minerals. Finish with a relaxing essential oil massage of clary sage, geranium and lavender.

Nail Selections

An array of natural nail services is designed to expertly care for an important part of your body. Choices of services range from basic care to the ultimate experiences that focus on making hands and feet look great.

The Essential
Your nails are expertly shaped, your cuticles tended to and your hands or feet exfoliated and lovingly massaged, then polished to perfection.

Fifth Element
Allow our technicians to blend a scrub or lotion in a scent of your choice. Choose your scents at our Mixology bar and leave the rest of the work to us. Warm towels and an indulgent massage make this one unforgettable experience.

Auras Acrylics and Gel Polish
Let the experts transform your natural nails into a beautiful acrylic work of art using pink and white acrylic powder. Nails are shaped as you desire and buffed to shine.

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Fire & Ice Pedicure
Melt away the worries as you immerse your feet into our relaxing hot foot bath while the alternating therapies of hot and cold revitalize your circulation. Your feet are expertly handled with a professional pedicure that removes the old skin and stimulates the new. Your feet are then brought back to life with cold toe stones and a cool, mentholated massage. We will seal this Fire & Ice pedicure with your choice of auras.