Karaoke Contest

Are You Good Enough
to win $5,000?

Sing to your favorite song and you could take home $5,000. Contest starts October 2nd. See the rules for more information on how you can witn $5,000. 

“Karaoke Contest” Singing Competition-Rules and Regulations

Note: This is a singing competition. While a karaoke machine and screen will be provided, it is strongly encouraged that contestants memorize the song(s) they will be performing.

No Entry Fee. All contestants must be amateur entertainers. Professionals (union musicians or whose talent is a principle source of income) are not permitted to enter. Competition is for solo performances only.

Rules and entry forms are available at “Sound” lounge. All contest events will be held Thursday nights in “Sound” lounge at Wind Creek Atmore. Contestants must arrive one hour prior to their preliminary performance round to choose their song & complete the contest entry form. Applicants must be at least twenty-one years of age, with a valid photo ID. Contestants will be selected based on order of arrival. Our karaoke host will provide a 100,000+ song library.

Wind Creek Atmore judges and/or management reserve the right to disqualify any contestant whose performance, language, attire or song do not meet family entertainment standards. Contestant’s performance score will be based on vocal ability and stage presence. All decisions made by the judges are final.

Preliminary Stage (October 2, 2014 – November 27, 2014)
The preliminary contests will consist of three rounds (7PM, 8PM, & 9PM), inclusive of up to 15 contestants per round. Contestants must remain in the designated sign-up location until the time of heat performance. Each contestant will perform one song of choice, selected from the provided catalog. Songs will be restricted to a three-minute maximum runtime, and will be faded out after that amount of time. Following the performance, contestants may remain in the venue only if capacity permits. The three contestants with the highest overall scores will advance to the Semifinal round, with the highest scoring contestant taking the evening’s preliminary cash prize of $250.00. During the nine weeks of preliminary contests, Judges may choose a total of three contestants whom they wish to “save,” granting those contestants advancement to the Semifinal stage. “Save” contestants are chosen at judges’ discretion.\

Semifinal Stage (Dates TBD)
The semi-final contests will consists of two rounds, in which contestants will perform two songs of choice, selected from the provided catalog. Each week, the five contestants with the highest overall scores will advance to Finale.

Finale (Dates TBD)
The Finale will consist of three rounds, in which each of the ten finalists will perform one song per round. Finalists will perform song of choice, selected from the provided catalog. The contestant with the highest cumulative score will receive the Grand Prize of $5,000.00.

Grand Prize Winner to be determined by panel of judges whose votes will account for 50% of score, which will be combined with audience votes to determine Grand Prize recipient. One (1) Grand Prize winner will be awarded a check for $5,000

All participants and their families release Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore and its agents from any liability resulting from their performance and attendance at this event. All participants give Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore and its agents permission for the unrestricted authorization to use their name, photo, voice recording, video recording, entry materials or likeness in promotional materials without further compensation. For additional information about Wind Creek Atmore’s singing contest, please visit the Sound Lounge and ask an Entertainment Technician.